How to increase Testosterone?

The human body is a miraculous creation which is comprised of too many complex systems. One of the major system in both male and female is the endocrine system which is responsible for secreting hormones that give you feature as you are.  Speaking about men, Testosterone comes right at the top which is considered an … Continue reading "How to increase Testosterone?"

Signs of low Testosterone

There is something about getting old, your testosterone levels wouldn’t be the same. It is a vital hormone which is responsible for almost all the traits in men, you are getting facial hair that’s because of Testosterone. Your body is different than women as in shape and size, well you can thank Testosterone for that … Continue reading "Signs of low Testosterone"

Testogen vs. Testo-Max

Testosterone is a chemical messenger that performs the role of development of sexual characteristics of a male. Females also possess testosterone; however, the amount of this hormone is almost negligible. Testes/ testicles in Leydig cells produce Androgen and testosterone is a kind of it. Basically, testosterone regulates libido, fat distribution, strength & muscle mass; bone … Continue reading "Testogen vs. Testo-Max"