Signs of low Testosterone: Shocking Facts They Aren’t Telling You!

There is something about getting old, your testosterone levels wouldn’t be the same. It is a vital hormone which is responsible for almost all the traits in men, you are getting facial hair that’s because of Testosterone.

sign of low testosterone in men

Your body is different than women as in shape and size, well you can thank Testosterone for that too.

Not only has this but your sexuality solely depended on the secretion of this particular hormone.

When the production of Testosterone slightly decreases in your body, it brings a lot of difficulties in men’s life which we are about to discuss.

Scientifically conceived, men during early adulthood contains the maximum number of Testosterone which declines by about 1% every year.

Low level of testosterone means your body isn’t generating sufficient amount of Testosterone which can cause a variety of symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, muscle fatigues, loss of muscle mass, hair loss and infertility.

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10 Sign of Low Testosterone in Men

In a research conducted by Urology Care Foundation, about 4 out of 10 men over age 45 have a low level of Testosterone.

sign of low testosterone

Not everyone knows about it already which is why doctors have elucidated 10 warning signs which can help in diagnosing the low level of Testosterone.

1. Erectile dysfunction

The sexual life of men solely depends on the strong erection, adequate blood flow, high-grade sensation and functioning reproductive valves. Low level of testosterone affects all these things, thus leaving you no potency in having sex.

2. Low Libido

It is natural to have low libido level when you are getting old, libido as in your sexual desire. When a low level of Testosterone kicks in a normal person, his sexual drive or libido dramatically decreases to the extent where he gets totally off.

3. Weight Gain

You begin to gain extra muscle mass since the body’s tendency to convert fat cells into energy is being compromised.

4. Sleep Impairment

Low level of testosterone induces marked disturbances in sleep patterns, causing to experience insomnia in some men. The condition if left untreated, can lead to high blood pressure and other heart-related problems which sometimes also messed with your mood and memory.

5. Fatigue

If you experience very little zeal while you are on the job or anywhere or you cannot concentrate on anything for long. Low testosterone level can be a cause, physically you will get tired too soon and end up on the couch.

6. Depression

Depression is the major sign which has been observed nearly 80% of cases with low testosterone level. About 56% American men who are suffering from low testosterone level are already taking anti-depressant medication.

It was confirmed after seeing an improvement in their depression when those men received testosterone replacement therapy.

7. Lack of Concentration

Testosterone is also responsible for focus and alertness in men. Without a proper amount of Testosterone in your blood, you will begin to face trouble concentrating and even you can experience memory related problems.

8. Growth of Breasts

The balance between testosterone and estrogen are well maintained because of which we are in a manly shape.

When the level of Testosterone gets disturbed it also causes the ratio of estrogen and testosterone in the body to become unbalanced, leading to the growth of extra breast tissues also known as Gynecomastia.

9. Bone-related problems

Men with low testosterone level often face bones and joints related problem. Men who have low testosterone level often get their bone density decreased, which is why they suffer from Osteoporosis, a disorder which apparently happens to affect women only.

When this condition occurs to you, make sure you get an appointment with your physician so he can recommend you the testosterone replacement therapy suits your needs.

10. Extra pain and aches

Men who have low testosterone level are more prone to injury since their muscle mass decreases substantially. Along with muscle mass, the energy in each cell also gets affected which can cause joint and bone pain.

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How to Deal with Low Testosterone

As you can see, having a low level of Testosterone cannot only affect your body, but it also affects many aspects of your life.

how to deal low testosterone

You will not be able to satisfy your parent, work will be boring you with everything else. But there is a good new though!

That you can elevate the level of Testosterone by starting regular exercise and take some natural supplementation.

In terms of diet, certain types of nuts and beans are known to elevate the level of hormones. Also a proper dose of Zinc, Vitamin D and garlic is essential.

Now, if you are looking for a Testosterone boosting supplement let us tell you there are so many products available in this regard.

You only need a right supplement which doesn’t have any type of artificial hormone boosting ingredient because that can affect you in a negative way.

All you need is a perfect blend of ingredients extracted from the natural source.

TestoGen is the latest testosterone boosting supplement which has been recommended by many physicians to their patient in order to save their lives from jeopardy. Let’s take a brief look on it.

Why TestoGen?

While the health market is too busy to fool people who want to gain their manhood, there are some corners which are offering the right cure for this condition.

Testogen ReviewsDozens of testosterone boosting supplements is available but what makes TestoGen superior to all is the right amount of ingredient which perfectly matches with your body physiology.

TestoGen remarkably increases the level of Testosterone in your body and gives your body an instant boost of energy along with other benefits.

With the help of this powerful natural supplement, you will be able to get following benefits

  • Your sexual desire will be normalized once again
  • It will enhance your overall strength and stamina
  • Improves your focus and concentration level
  • Gives you healthy sperms count and avoid infertility
  • Enhance libido and erection quality

Final Verdict

Low level of Testosterone can be an alarming sign which can destroy many aspects of your life.

No man would ever want his partner to leave him for not being sexually active or emotionally available, sadly you cannot help it when the level of Testosterone goes to the decline phase.

A man will never be the same with these agonizing signs. Thankfully there are cures and treatments available which can help you claim your masculinity once again.

Amongst many Testosterone boosting supplement, TestoGen ranked the top on the list because of its natural ingredients with no side effects ever reported.

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There’s a 90% chance you can bring back the level of Testosterone to normal range and enjoy the perks of life once again!

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