Prohormones – Benefits and Side Effects of Prohormones for Men!

It is nearly impossible to achieve great muscle mass with revealing cuts without a use of supplements.

Supplements are just a kind of help that allows your body to shape it in a faster and more effective way.

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Everybody once in a while considers using different sorts of supplements because its market is massively huge!

If you ever thought about trying a bodybuilding supplement then you might have thought of taking Prohormones.

Prohormones according to some people is the best choice to gain muscular mass, but then again the majority of them are against it.

Below information provided tells you after the safety and efficacy of Prohormones and some other details you might want to know before purchasing one.

What are Prohormones actually?

Prohormones are not the actual type of hormones, which produces naturally in our body system, but they have an effect like one.

Prohormones are thought to serve as a precursor of the hormone which stimulates the secretion of Testosterone, a male hormone which is responsible for developing muscle mass in men.

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According to the manufacturer of some greatly sold Prohormones, after getting absorbed in the human body.

They produce a special sort of anabolic effect and act as testosterone by enhancing muscle mass without producing any side or adverse effects.

The use of Prohormones was introduced in 1990’s era where bodybuilders and athletes from different regions of the world started to use to improve their body mass growth.

Indeed over the last couple of years, Prohormones are still being used by the general public.

Some examples of best-selling Prohormones are androstenedione, androstenediol, norandrostenedione and norandrostenediol.

Claims from the manufacturer of Prohormones narrate that 50mg of Prohormone supplementation can elevate the Testosterone production up to 80%.

Upon 100mg dose, it could go from 237% which then gave so much zeal to some researchers to find out if it’s true or not.

Side effects of Prohormones

For the beginners who are looking for gym supplements, you cannot just enter into any store and purchase Prohormones just like that.

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It requires a proper set of knowledge to know about the lethal side effects before buying one.

From the time it’s available in the market, many people who have tried it came across to some side effects which then got increased in number.

Long-term use of Prohormones has been generating many unwanted effects which we think you should know first.

1. Chronic liver damage

Prohormones are extremely liver toxic which is why they were banned so many times from the market. In many cases, it was observed that individuals who consumed alcohol with Prohormones were more prone to liver damage and at a serious life-threatening condition.

2. Your Testes will shrink

For the time being, you might experience testicular shrinkage or lack of sexual desire. But this effect only happens quite rare and it can subside when your body is done with the hormonal imbalance.

3. Hair Loss

The prevalence is not widespread but occurred in some people who tried to overdose it.

4. Gynecomastia

Development of man boobs has been reported in some cases by the use of Prohormones. This may be caused by the abnormal estrogenic response to the drastic excess of T-Level.

5. Skin Acne

Long-term use can cause temporary skin acne issue which is mainly caused by the hormonal imbalance.

Are they Legal?

Some people may find this not true or fake, but in reality, The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990 banned Prohormones as they did not appear to be Anabolic Steroid.

Pro Hormones anabolic steroids

However, some people preferred and used it as a dietary supplement anyway.

Now the Andros is illegal to purchase or it cannot be imported, however, nowadays some people prefer ordering it online.

Case studies about Prohormones- Are they recommended to raise T-level?

Scientifically conceived, the use of the Prohormones dietary supplement DOES NOT produce any sort of anabolic effect in men.

Furthermore, these supplements could bring a risk to your health which can be life-threatening.

In addition, no ergogenic effects were reported in men who regularly took a 100mg dose of Andro.

Final Summary- Are they safe?

Prohormones can lead to overproduction of Testosterone by the enzymatic conversation at the peripheral but it certainly does not produce any Anabolic effects.

By this claim, we STRONGLY DO NOT suggest Prohormones use as a dietary supplement.

The reason behind is that it dramatically increases the risk of your liver and kidneys, which in many cases can lead to cancer.

The claims of the manufacturer are, however, says the opposite, but majority refuses it along with the proof obtained from sundry case studies.

What is the Best Alternative Non-Prohormones available?

If you are someone who is looking for a supplement to increase T-level in the gym, then you might need a special sort of ingredients containing supplement which is without any sort of synthetic chemicals.

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Testogen, in this case, is the ideal anabolic Testosterone boosting supplement which has been grabbed so much attention of bodybuilders.

One good thing about supplements like Testogen is they contain only naturally occurring ingredients in their supplements which boost the T-level without causing any side effects.

They are to this day the ideal supplement for the gym which can accelerate muscle mass production in a best possible way.

Choosing Testogen over Prohormones!

Testosterone booster such as Testogen increase Testosterone level without altering your enzymatic system, the effect is achieved from the natural stimulation of hormones.

By choosing testosterone boosters such as Testogen over Prohormones you will experience remarkable benefits such as

  • Enhanced muscle mass
  • Enhanced bones density
  • Increase sperm production which elevates your sex desire and performance in bed
  • Even fat distribution
  • Pure anabolic steroid
  • No side effects

In a nutshell, Prohormones are the kind of supplement you doctors stops you from.

The latency of side effects is really high and you won’t get the desired results anyway.

Testosterone booster like Testogen however, would be a wise choice if you are looking for an additional hand to your workout.

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Customer reviews of these T-level boosters are quite positive which is why we strongly suggest you one.

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