Nugenix Vs TestoFuel- Which One is Best as Testosterone Booster?

In 2020, the sale of testosterone has increased remarkably. People are relying on testosterone boosters for muscle growth, protect their masculine power, and lots of other features like living life to the fullest. 

Today’s testosterone boosters are Nugenix and TestoFuel, one that is old the other one which is fresh and ready to go.

It’s not like testosterone boosters are getting compared with one another to demean the company’s image, it’s just user right to choose the best one, simple is that! 

Let’s see between Nugenix Vs TestoFuel, which one is going to touch our critiques. 

About Nugenix

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Nugenix is a free testosterone booster that is sold as a dietary supplement for many years.

The term free testosterone is regarded as potentially beneficial for men who do not respond to the bond testosterone.

Nugenix plays an important role in improving testosterone levels in men which is related to so many things.

Free testosterone can be used to increase muscle mass density and brings a hormonal balance to the body. This will allow men to experience improved sexual functions as well. 

About TestoFuel

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TestoFuel was introduced as a testosterone booster for those who like to do bodybuilding.

TestoFuel in a way aids muscle building process and is becoming the top choice for athletes, models, and gym enthusiasts.

TestoFuel muscle-building effects don’t leave sexual performance and other benefits aside. 

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Nugenix Vs TestoFuel Ingredients Comparison

Here we are listing both product’s ingredients with their dosages.

TestoFuel Ingredients Label

TestoFuel has plenty of amino acids and male enhancement supplements which makes it ideal for men under any age. These are:

  • Vitamin D3 5000IU
  • Vitamin K2 18mcg
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 5 mg
  • Zinc 10mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 2300 mg
  • Asian Red Ginseng 100 mg
  • Oyster Extract 100 mg
  • Fenugreek 100 mg

Nugenix Ingredients are under as follow:

Nugenix Ingredients Label
  • D-Aspartic Acid 3000 mg
  • Fenugreek extract 700 mg
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract 650 mg
  • Nettle Leaf Extract 360 mg
  • Maca Root 250 mg
  • MucunaPruriens 125 mg
  • Tongkat Ali 150 mg
  • Boron 10 mg

Nugenix if you look closely, has more ingredients dosage which is the reason for its side effects.

Such types of natural supplements should be monitored and available at a controlled dosage which in the case of TestoFuel seems quite safe. 

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Nugenix Vs TestoFuel Mechanism

Both Nugenix and TestoFuel work to increase testosterone in your system which complements muscle growth, physical strength, and libido.

Some demographic regions found TestoFuel much effective and there is a reason why. 

TestoFuel is the best tool for young bodybuilders who with the help of the ZMA complex makes it to the top level.

ZMA complex is the new revolutionary offered by TestoFuel which is the combination of DAA, D3, and Zinc.

As sports nutrition, TestoFuel is ideally suitable for men who also want to gain other benefits from the supplement.

Oyster extract and Panax Ginseng along with Fenugreek stimulates sex drive in a person and enhance the performance to the max level. 

TestoFuel formula works in perfect rhythm and offers multiple benefits without causing the hassle between the side effects.

Men Above 40 Using TestoFuel As A Part Of Their Treatment For Testosterone Deficiency. 

Nugenix confirms that it prevents the age-related testosterone deficit in men.

Not that it contains ZMA which contributes to providing maximum upsurge of energy during a sport but most of the ingredients work as libido enhancers for the older gentlemen.

One of the common things about Nugenix and TestoFuel is both t-boosters contain Zinc as a mineral which elevates testosterone levels in studies. 

But again, the high dose of Nugenix is efficient enough to strike some side effects. Especially if you are allergic to some components you may find Nugenix not suitable. 

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Nugenix Vs TestoFuel Dosage Comparison

The ideal thing about both supplements is the high dose of perfectly safe natural ingredients.

Whereas, in the case of Nugenix you can’t skip some really predictable side effects that affected around 50% of the users. 

Nugenix starts with high levels of DAA and Fenugreek extract which in comparison with TestoFuel is way more to mix up in the body and provide instant results.

Despite the high dosage of ingredients available in Nugenix, chances of success rate for TestoFuel are even more.

This is because of the ZMA formula which in scientific studies found out to be the most effective way to increase testosterone in men. 

Let’s just say it’s a tie between the dosage of Nugenix Vs TestoFuel. 

Side Effects Profile- Nugenix Vs TestoFuel

What are the side effects of taking TestoFuel? Wait, it says extraordinary manpower and a sex drive that is just perfect! 

TestoFuel has no side effects, neither anyone reported the nasty side effects with the use of the supplement. As a result of excessive testosterone production, some testosterone enhancers in 2020 results in complicated side effects. 

Take an example of Nugenix, the supplement is known for the following side effects. 

  • Increased chances of chest pain
  • Risk of clotting, due to the high red blood cells count
  • Acne
  • Breast Swelling
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Ankle Swelling

TestoFuel wins at SAFETY CONCERNS

Pros and Cons- Nugenix Vs TestoFuel

Let’s just embrace every supplement has some pros and cons. Since we are dealing with everything related to the Nugenix Vs TestoFuel battle, here is a reality check on both of testosterone boosters. 


TestoFuel Pros

  • Completely natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Reliable for testosterone enhancement
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Made by a reputable company
  • Quick Onset
  • Offers ZMA Complex to the Line

TestoFuel Cons

  • Not available in stores like GNC, Amazon, etc
  • Only Official Website Sells TestoFuel

Nugenix Pros

  • Safe male enhancement formula
  • Exceedingly high testosterone booster which is also a Con

Nugenix Cons

  • Expensive booster
  • Not proven enough by clinical studies
  • Exhibits certain side effects

Nugenix Vs TestoFuel Availability

There is a thing about Nugenix, it’s easy to find which means you can it from Walmart, GNC, and other superstores.

This also means there are many varieties of scam available by the name of Nugenix which sometimes puzzle users to buy them instead. 

TestoFuel is strictly available at the Official Site which is a con-like situation but in reality, it’s not! It ensures product legitimacy and cut down the work of scammers.

Nugenix Vs TestoFuel Pricing Comparison

TestoFuel Price Table

Nugenix is way expensive than TestoFuel and the reason is unknown. For every capsule of Nugenix, you have to pay around $0.75 which for 30 days’ supply is $89.99

TestoFuel is available at $65.00 for 30 days’ supply from the company’s website. But wait, here’s more. 

Did you know TestoFuel also offers several discounts and packages to the customers where they can save around 60% of their cost? Buying TestoFuel in bulk seems kind of a great deal to us which has the following benefits. 

  • No hassle for ordering every month
  • Comes at 50% reduced-Price
  • Gets you free shipping + gifts like a t-shirt
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Which Testosterone Booster Should I Choose? Nugenix Vs TestoFuel

Looking at the evidence referring to the ingredients, their potency, side effects, and customer satisfaction ratio. We are going with TestoFuel as the WINNER! 

TestoFuel ingredients may be available in a lower dose than what we find in Nugenix but that’s not the entire point.

The high dosage that you see in Nugenix can produce negative side effects, but in the case of TestoFuel, you are getting an additional ZMA complex which is the real Testosterone Booster. 

TestoFuel has an impressive ingredients profile and this is the reason it was endorsed by athletes like Robby Robinson. Can you believe he actually uses TestoFuel for maximum power and muscle size? 

If you are not aware yet, TestoFuel is the product by Roar Ambition which has an award-winning formula in the market and they have a money-back guarantee offer to claim. So your money is saved! 

There are more than hundreds of testosterone boosters in 2020 and everyone seems to push their brand forward.

Well, this isn’t a game unless you are dealing with high profile ingredients and results that no other t-booster offers.

Nugenix Vs TestoFuel comparison was just a hint for serious users that natural testosterone pills and supplements are the future that holds the key for real manpower and muscle building phenomenon. 

Each year, millions of men are diagnosed with Testosterone Deficiency to which they finally have to go for testosterone replacement therapy of chemicals that might ruin their lives.

Testosterone Boosters such as TestoFuel is the only chance to replenish the testosterone levels in men, NATURALLY!