Low Testosterone Level in Men: The [10] Warning Signs You Should Know!

It’s a fact that Testosterone deficiency or low testosterone in men can lead to several dangerous conditions which we sometimes joke about with our friends.

However, when this really occurs, it brings some really serious conditions along such as Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Diseases.

Low Testosterone Signs in Men

According to an institute of men’s health, a man in every year should have their blood tested to evaluate testosterone level.

There are some warning signs which indicates the low level of testosterone in men, which are:

Signs of Low Testosterone in Young Individuals (Early 20’s)

1. Low Libido/Sex Drive

Testosterone serves many essential functions in men such as the development of sex drive and charging the body with sufficient amount of libido which in many guys turns out to be in a very less number.

Therefore, some guys are unable to feel any sexual touch neither they involved in any sexual activity.

2. ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

The proper amount of testosterone is important to secrete massive amount of Nitric Oxide in your body which rushes blood in your penile region.

Due to lack of blood supply men gets an erection issue which in the scientific language mostly refers to as Erectile Dysfunction, a condition where men cannot attain erection or are not strong enough to perform sex.

3. Trouble in Ejaculation

From spermatogenesis to delivering the best kind of orgasms, Testosterone helps a man to design its sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, in its deficiency, men’s body is unable to produce sperm which is why some men have a very much difficult time in achieving orgasm or they cannot ejaculate during sex, masturbation or so on.

When you don’t get an orgasm chance of other conditions like heart diseases increases.

4. Mood Swings

Mood Swing is the common sign of low testosterone level in men where they are not completely diagnosed as depressed, still, their mood depicts sadness and loneliness.

A lot of men are found to be less optimistic as compared to before. Their approach to things gets dubious and full of pessimistic ideas.

5. Energy Level goes Low

Men experience their energy level getting drained so much from low testosterone level.

They usually end up having no interests in things neither they like to perform an activity which required physical efforts.

They rather sit whole day and feel weak.

effects of testosterone

6. Anxiety & Lethargy

It’s natural to feel tired after a long day, but testosterone deficiency makes it even worse.

Your muscle tone and its recovery time are highly depended on the proper availability of testosterone in your blood.

If not so, chances of depression, stress, and muscle fatigue gets enhanced which makes you feel tired more than you suppose to.

Your energy level will seem to drain very fast in the middle of the day and you will become stressed over small things.

7. Low Sperm Count

Not just your sperm count decreases, but they lose the potency.

Some men cannot get their wives pregnant because their fluid level is too low that chances of fertilization are simply not present.

The fluid produced in testicles occurs due to testosterone, which in case its absence cannot be achieved.

8. Muscle Mass Reduction

Testosterone production is closely associated with protein synthesis, which in other words, is the development of new muscle mass.

In case of low level of testosterone, some men have experienced weakness in a very drastic way.

To some men, their muscle mass, especially from the limb regions have been diminished as well as their chest goes in. Bodybuilding exercise makes them tired as there is no testosterone available in the blood to fight lethargy.

9. Genital Numbness

Usually, it lit a fire in your pants when your penis gets touched, not anymore if you are testosterone deficient.

Genital numbness due to testosterone deficiency will not be severe but it will let you avoid sexual encounters due to no presence of any kind of feelings.

Definitely having no feelings over there is a problem.

10. Crankiness

Majority of men with low levels of testosterone are mostly grumpy in their attitude and easily irritated.

This sign can be noticed by his family or friends, but the person isn’t that much self-aware.

Their answers to the questions tell the different story as compared to the tone they use to show they are fine, but they are not.

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Reasons for Low Testosterone in Men

There are many medical reasons due to which testosterone deficiency occurs in men.

Some men use drugs which results in decreasing their testosterone level while some are suffering from different health-related conditions.

It is normal that men experience a gradual decrease in testosterone in their 30’s but that’s not an alarming sign.

While some men in their 30’s have too little testosterone remained in their blood, which is even less than older men.

Following medical conditions can lead to testosterone deficiency in men:

  • Auto-Immune Diseases
  • Due to Genetics
  • Chronic Liver or Kidney Disease
  • Obstructive Lung Disease
  • Injury to Testicles
  • Testicular Cancer
  • HIV
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Certain Infections
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular condition like Heart Failure

Drugs that cause Testosterone Deficiency

Certain kind of drugs contributes to drag testosterone in the lower range, which are:

  • Chemotherapy Drugs
  • Opioids Analgesics
  • Corticosteroids
  • Alcohol

Other Causes

One of the main cause for testosterone reduction in the male body is Obesity.

Obesity can cause low testosterone in men

Obesity in a usual term is defined as the increase in person’s BMI (body mass index) more than 30.

Some men experience low levels of testosterone because they have excessive muscle mass and are categorized under obese.

It is proven in a study of 2008 that men who develop their waistline through time are more prone to low testosterone level in later age.

However, men who have sufficient amount of testosterone do not get their waist increased as weight loss is linked with increased T-Level.

Some men showed an improvement when it comes to reducing excessive body fats by exercise or strict diet plan.

A study took some obese middle-aged men who lost weight in some months were successfully back with an enhanced increase in their testosterone level.

Hormonal problems are not just associated with women, but men are also a victim of this issue.

Lack of testosterone can lead to affect their mental health as well as put their sexual lives in jeopardy.

A lot of natural testosterone boosters are available as a dietary supplement which claims to treat testosterone deficiency.

Do not buy those products as most of them are just a part of a scam.

Products like Testogen clinically proven with so many positive reviews which are also to be taken with a physician’s recommendation.


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