Testogen Vs TestoTEK

Testosterone boosters are becoming a mainstream supplement for bodybuilding and men with the decreased amount of physical energy. Not to mention these t-boosters are the perfect solution for men having conditions like erectile dysfunction or loss of libido. In addition, these testosterone elevators also support muscle growth and development for which many bodybuilders have made … Continue reading "Testogen Vs TestoTEK"

Testogen vs. Testo-Max

Testosterone is a chemical messenger that performs the role of development of sexual characteristics of a male. Females also possess testosterone; however, the amount of this hormone is almost negligible. Testes/ testicles in Leydig cells produce Androgen and testosterone is a kind of it. Basically, testosterone regulates libido, fat distribution, strength & muscle mass; bone … Continue reading "Testogen vs. Testo-Max"