Top 5 Testosterone Boosters on the Market

Real bodybuilding requires more than that, but when you start taking Testosterone boosters the results get amplified and it forces your body to have rapid gains.

They help you gain muscle mass, increase your muscle density and transform your physique to a whole new level.

Most of the Testosterone boosters are not manufactured according to the latest research, but all they do blend some ingredients without looking at the dosages.

The top 5 testosterone boosters available below are the products of latest research and clinical trials.

It’s not some ordinary or fake testosterone boosters we are talking about, but the clinically proven, immensely effective and safer for men of every age.

There are so many demands of your body which you can fulfill by choosing the right Testosterone booster.

For men, building huge body with massive muscle mass and extreme strength is not an easy task.

We will state the good and the bad points of every top T-Booster which can help you, choose a right one for yourself.

Top Rated Testosterone Boosting Supplements

1. TestoGen

When you search for the best testosterone booster in the overall health market, TestoGen will surely come to the top of the list.

Testogen Testosterone pills

The company has recently made a slight change in their formula by adding some extra ingredients to help you get enormous gains.


  • One of the unique things about TestoGen is that it is the byproduct of many researchers.
  • The formulas contain no phony ingredient and deliver you these effects in 2 weeks.
  • Supercharged physique
  • Enhanced Protein synthesis which develops new muscle mass
  • Remarkable strength
  • Reduce fat
  • Increase energy gain

All by boosting the level of Testosterone in your body

  • Their formula contains almost every Testosterone boosting ingredient mentioned above such as Boron, Ginseng, Nettle Leaf, Bioperine etc. Even some additional ingredients are introduced like Vitamin B6, K1 along with Zinc.
  • They have latest offers available on their official page
  • Shipment is free
  • Positive customers review


  • You won’t find TestoGen in stores like Walmart GNC, Amazon or eBay. The only right place is the official website which can deliver you anywhere in the world.
  • The cost is a bit high, but it pays off once you experience its true effects. The best things are not easily cheap, so you have to spend some extra bucks.

TestoGen is awarded the best Testosterone booster 2020.

There are thousands of users who are currently using it and experiencing ever-changing physique.

If you want to see more visit Testogen review Here.

Buy Testogen

2. Prime Male

When the old age men ask how to increase testosterone, the right answer is Prime Male.

Prime Male best testosterone supplements
Prime Male

It Is the premium grade supplement for 50 years old men or those who are older experiencing low level of Testosterone.


  • Prime Male is formulated according to the needs of men above 50 who needs an optimum amount of testosterone boosting ingredients.
  • You can get following benefits from Prime Male
  • You can work out for longer
  • The extra boost in libido (sexual functions)
  • You will re-define your muscle mass
  • You will lose extra fats which are good for your health
  • There are no proprietary blends in Prime Male but the natural ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid, Luteolin, and Vitamin D3 etc.


  • Not enough for the young men
  • Available only in the official webpage
  • Quite expensive than other testosterone boosters with a cost of $69.

Men who are above 50 are tired of their man-boobs or drained energy level can use Prime Male in order to regain the power.

3. TestoFuel

TestoFuel is like other Testosterone boosters, the latest changes made it join the best category in no time.

top testosterone booster pills


  • Marked reduction in body fat
  • Muscle growth
  • Enhanced strength
  • Improved mental health
  • There are many satisfactory reviews available online.
  • Money back guarantee


  • You have to pay for the shipping charges
  • Can only be ordered from the official website

4. Testo-Max

Testo-Max is another big name in Testosterone boosting supplements which benefited thousands of men with its natural formula.

Boost testoterone supplements

With Tribulus Terrestris, the formula of Testo-Max also contain the powerful ingredients mentioned above.


  • Improve muscle gain
  • Enhance protein uptake by muscles
  • Fat loss
  • Boost recovery time
  • With intense sex drive
  • It’s a legal alternative to Sustanon, a powerful Testosterone boosting steroid. S
  • Contain 12 different ingredients
  • The price is affordable which many users like about it.


  • User will get frequent erections, but that’s not a side effect if you ask someone who hasn’t had an erection in months
  • It is only available on their official website Crazy bulk which you can access here.

5. Nugenix

Nugenix is an uprising Testosterone booster, especially in North American regions.



  • Keep your Testosterone level in an optimum range
  • Contain extra doses of Vitamin B6 & Vit B12
  • Effective for individuals with low libido


  • According to the experts, the formula contains a relatively low amount of the Zinc Use Proprietary blend which is not feasible in the current era
  • Cost is high

How do the Best Testosterone Boosters Work?

how best natural testosterone booster works
How Testosterone booster works

The core purpose of the testosterone pills for men is to aid the stimulation of Testosterone in men’s body which helps you get the gains and unimaginable power.

They work in 3 different methods

1. Facilitate Testosterone Production

Testosterone secreted from your reproductive system, but it works synergistically with your brain and endocrine system.

For the activation of testosterone channels, you need to incorporate some elements in your diet, which most men do not know about.

Best testosterone boosters help you get those ingredients and aid the process of natural testosterone production.

2. An increment in free Testosterone

Free Testosterone means that it isn’t bound with other chemical entities.

Usually, 60% of testosterone in our body is bound with Sex Hormone Binding Globulin which inactivates its anabolic property.

That’s where testosterone boosters come into action, by decreasing the level of SHBG they provide more unbound testosterone in our system which is actually something our body needs to grow.

3. Minify Estrogen

Conversion of Testosterone into estrogen is done by an enzyme called Aromatase which targets each Testosterone and turns it into estrogen.

Like Testosterone is essential for a male body, estrogen is a feminine hormone which gives their body with an attractive look.

When the level of estrogen rise in male body, it causes numerous conditions, Gynecomastia is one of them.

Some testosterone boosters decrease the level of this enzyme while some reduce the amount of estrogen, hence secreting more Testosterone.

Not every testosterone supplement works by decreasing estrogen level, but there are some which do.

Best Natural Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

Not every testosterone booster contains these ingredients, majority of them are ineffective.

Testosterone booster foods
Ingredients in Testosterone

That’s why you should trust the supplements which have clinically proven ingredients inside.

Some of these ingredients are:


Amino acids have always been supportive of the Testosterone production.

D-Aspartic Acid is an essential amino acid, which signals the brain to release a luteinizing hormone which is a key for testosterone secretion.

Apart from this it also stimulates growth hormone which is good for your muscle growth.


You might have seen this ingredient in several energy drinks.

Ginseng is an effective ingredient for the vigorous discharge of Nitric Oxide.

The purpose of N.O is to improve blood flow to the muscles and gives you endless stamina throughout the workout session.

When you take a lot of sugar, Ginseng effectively decreases blood sugar count which helps your metabolism.

Also, it signals Luteinizing hormone to secrete more Testosterone as per required by your body.


The Bioperine itself isn’t a Testosterone booster, but there is a benefit when it is present in your system.

Bioperine increases the efficacy and availability of other ingredients by which they absorb more into the bloodstream and gives the best results.


Boron is a powerful Testosterone boosting ingredient which also improves your bones health and muscle growth.

It’s a trace mineral which is only present in very few testosterone boosting supplements. There are plenty of studies conducted on these ingredients which show some of its remarkable features.

By supporting free Testosterone in your system, boron tends to decrease estrogen count at the same time, which is not done by any other ingredient so far.


There is no need for stating that it increases the Testosterone count.

Oyster Extract is rich with Zinc, which is the essential element of Testosterone production.

The zinc is its prime element besides which Vitamin, Amino Acids, Omega 3 fatty acids are also present.

The extract is also beneficial for men with loss of libido issue.


Fenugreek is given to those males in the past who couldn’t grow muscle mass or are very less virile.

powerful herb that maintains the level of Testosterone throughout the daytime.


The extract of nettle inhibits the binding of Testosterone with Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, which in turn increases free Testosterone.

When this occurs, the rate of estrogen conversion is also reduced.

8. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 also plays as a hormone in your body which has multiple functions.

One of the main functions is to signal brain so that it can release follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone which produces the maximum number of Testosterone.

Usually, sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D3, but we don’t get sufficient amount of it.

Testosterone pills which are quite older in the health market should not be used. WHY?

Because the amount of ingredients is not correct in them.

According to the latest research, every ingredient should be available in a different proportion which only some products are doing correctly.