Low Testosterone in Men – 10 Warning Signs

It’s a fact that Testosterone deficiency in men can lead to several dangerous conditions which we sometimes joke about with our friends.

However, when this really occurs, it brings some really serious conditions along such as Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Diseases.

Low Testosterone Signs in Men

According to an institute of men’s health, a man in every year should have their blood tested to evaluate testosterone level.

There are some warning signs which indicates the low level of testosterone in men, which are:

Signs of Low Testosterone in Young Individuals (Early 20’s)

1. Low Libido/Sex Drive

Testosterone serves many essential functions in men such as the development of sex drive and charging the body with sufficient amount of libido which in many guys turns out to be in a very less number.

Therefore, some guys are unable to feel any sexual touch neither they involved in any sexual activity.

2. ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

The proper amount of testosterone is important to secrete massive amount of Nitric Oxide in your body which rushes blood in your penile region.

Due to lack of blood supply men gets an erection issue which in the scientific language mostly refers to as Erectile Dysfunction, a condition where men cannot attain erection or are not strong enough to perform sex.

3. Trouble in Ejaculation

From spermatogenesis to delivering the best kind of orgasms, Testosterone helps a man to design its sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, in its deficiency, men’s body is unable to produce sperm which is why some men have a very much difficult time in achieving orgasm or they cannot ejaculate during sex, masturbation or so on.

When you don’t get an orgasm chance of other conditions like heart diseases increases.

4. Mood Swings

Mood Swing is the common sign of low testosterone level in men where they are not completely diagnosed as depressed, still, their mood depicts sadness and loneliness.

A lot of men are found to be less optimistic as compared to before. Their approach to things gets dubious and full of pessimistic ideas.

5. Energy Level goes Low

Men experience their energy level getting drained so much from low testosterone level.

They usually end up having no interests in things neither they like to perform an activity which required physical efforts.

They rather sit whole day and feel weak.

effects of testosterone

6. Anxiety & Lethargy

It’s natural to feel tired after a long day, but testosterone deficiency makes it even worse.

Your muscle tone and its recovery time are highly depended on the proper availability of testosterone in your blood.

If not so, chances of depression, stress, and muscle fatigue gets enhanced which makes you feel tired more than you suppose to.

Your energy level will seem to drain very fast in the middle of the day and you will become stressed over small things.

7. Low Sperm Count

Not just your sperm count decreases, but they lose the potency.

Some men cannot get their wives pregnant because their fluid level is too low that chances of fertilization are simply not present.

The fluid produced in testicles occurs due to testosterone, which in case its absence cannot be achieved.

8. Muscle Mass Reduction

Testosterone production is closely associated with protein synthesis, which in other words, is the development of new muscle mass.

In case of low level of testosterone, some men have experienced weakness in a very drastic way.

To some men, their muscle mass, especially from the limb regions have been diminished as well as their chest goes in. Bodybuilding exercise makes them tired as there is no testosterone available in the blood to fight lethargy.

9. Genital Numbness

Usually, it lit a fire in your pants when your penis gets touched, not anymore if you are testosterone deficient.

Genital numbness due to testosterone deficiency will not be severe but it will let you avoid sexual encounters due to no presence of any kind of feelings.

Definitely having no feelings over there is a problem.

10. Crankiness

Majority of men with low levels of testosterone are mostly grumpy in their attitude and easily irritated.

This sign can be noticed by his family or friends, but the person isn’t that much self-aware.

Their answers to the questions tell the different story as compared to the tone they use to show they are fine, but they are not.

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Reasons for Low Testosterone in Men

There are many medical reasons due to which testosterone deficiency occurs in men.

Some men use drugs which results in decreasing their testosterone level while some are suffering from different health-related conditions.

It is normal that men experience a gradual decrease in testosterone in their 30’s but that’s not an alarming sign.

While some men in their 30’s have too little testosterone remained in their blood, which is even less than older men.

Following medical conditions can lead to testosterone deficiency in men:

  • Auto-Immune Diseases
  • Due to Genetics
  • Chronic Liver or Kidney Disease
  • Obstructive Lung Disease
  • Injury to Testicles
  • Testicular Cancer
  • HIV
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Certain Infections
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular condition like Heart Failure

Drugs that cause Testosterone Deficiency

Certain kind of drugs contributes to drag testosterone in the lower range, which are:

  • Chemotherapy Drugs
  • Opioids Analgesics
  • Corticosteroids
  • Alcohol

Other Causes

One of the main cause for testosterone reduction in the male body is Obesity.

Obesity can cause low testosterone in men

Obesity in a usual term is defined as the increase in person’s BMI (body mass index) more than 30.

Some men experience low levels of testosterone because they have excessive muscle mass and are categorized under obese.

It is proven in a study of 2008 that men who develop their waistline through time are more prone to low testosterone level in later age.

However, men who have sufficient amount of testosterone do not get their waist increased as weight loss is linked with increased T-Level.

Some men showed an improvement when it comes to reducing excessive body fats by exercise or strict diet plan.

A study took some obese middle-aged men who lost weight in some months were successfully back with an enhanced increase in their testosterone level.

Hormonal problems are not just associated with women, but men are also a victim of this issue.

Lack of testosterone can lead to affect their mental health as well as put their sexual lives in jeopardy.

A lot of natural testosterone boosters are available as a dietary supplement which claims to treat testosterone deficiency.

Do not buy those products as most of them are just a part of a scam.

Products like Testogen clinically proven with so many positive reviews which are also to be taken with a physician’s recommendation.

herbs that boost testosterone level naturally

Natural Herbs That Boost Testosterone Level

IMPOTENCE: A Spreading Embarrassment & how to get over it NATURALLY.

Impotence is referring as male weakness, particularly a poor performance while shaking the sheets.

Which left you embarrassed and your partner unsatisfied. It’s also a leading cause of divorces these days.

Even in this era talking about these issues and seeking medical help for it is thought to be a humiliation, which frankly isn’t.

Reasons behind impotence are mostly not in the hands of individual let’s get deeper to understand it more.

Impotence is often a result of low testosterone in males which also results in erectile dysfunction, swelling of chest, infertility, decrease hair growth, low energy levels, depression, low libido and weight gain.

Testosterone is a biological chemical (hormone) which is released in both male and female responsible for good energy levels, red blood cells production and maintains optimum libido levels in both.

Actually testosterone are called to be male hormone because they plays major role in virility of a man.

They are serge in the puberty ages of men resulting in enhancement of male traits.

Whereas increase of testosterone in females is consider as a hormonal imbalance.

Secrets naturally by adrenal glands present over kidneys.

After 40’s testosterone levels falls in men, making 20’s life a memory alongside results consequences like lowered libido, erectile dysfunction, weight gain and depression.

Low testosterone can also happen at an early age.

Why does low Testosterone happen?

Testosterone levels and ageOld age is a fact, having low testosterone after 40’s is natural.

But in early ages there could be certain factors involved in it the most highlighted one is stress full lifestyle.

Some people can’t handle daily life ups and downs lightly, this regular stress might affect their sex life too.

Exposure to sexual exploitation at an early age is another factor thought to be involved in issues like early ejaculations and erectile dysfunction, might result in emotional impotence.

Why to go for natural solutions:

The most of medications available are ready-made testosterone to be eaten or inject intravenously.

While natural herbs and supplements act deeper by directly influencing the hormonal glands to produce more hormones. This might normalize the natural production of testosterone with continue use.

Testosterone available in capsules and injections are either synthetic or semi synthetic which might end up in some allergic reactions or side-effects.

Whereas herbs and natural supplements produces it naturally easing up there users by eliminating potential side effects.

Common herbs used for testosterone

1. Kale:

kaleIt is a vegetable rich in vitamin A, C and fiber.

It lowers the female hormones production making the already produced testosterones higher in contrast with female hormones.

It’s a vegetable used widely by vegans. You can help yourself with kale as you like, these days kale chips are getting trendy.

2. Blue passion flowers:

It has flavonoids extracts which includes chrysin.

It is known to increase the testosterone levels in body as well as it increases sperm concentration and motility per ejaculation too.

Its teas are also available in market as well there are supplements which includes blue passion flower in there ingredients.

3. Garlic:

GarlicStress is one of the leading causes of hormonal imbalances regardless of gender.

Garlic is very well known for aiding in many ailments but it also suppress stress hormones in body, which might be influencing your testosterone production.

No proven studies are present for its effectiveness in humans, but there definitely is logic in its action.

Moreover, there is no harm if you eat 2 cloves of daily it will surely fight out other diseases like; heart diseases, blood pressure and cancer.

4. E.longifolia (Malaysian ginseng):

It is also called as Malaysian ginseng and Tongkat ali.

It is native plant of South Asia, serving as medical herb for many years. Its effects include; anti malarial and microbial activities, weight loss, increased libido, high testosterone production, boosted stamina.

It not only increases testosterone productions it also overcome the consequences one h, boosted stamina.

It not only increases testosterone productions it also overcome the consequences one has to face when suffers with low testosterone production.

5. Ashwagandha:

AshwagandaIt’s a very old Indian herb used to treat sexual ailments in both males and females.

Some clinical studies shows that men who take ashwagandha on regular basis conquer results like; high testosterone productions, increased sperm count, increased volume of semen per ejaculation and more mobile sperms.

It is also used to treat infertility in both genders.

6. Fenugreek:

It is another Indian herb which is used in food as a taste developer.

Seeds are more frequently used of this plant whereas leaves are only used in herbal medicine.

It has certain enzymes which converts cholesterol into testosterone.

There are clinical proves that fenugreek maintains a healthy balance of testosterone in the body.

Using Tea of fenugreek seeds or incorporating them in salads might be a good way to get benefits of it. It also plays role in hair growth when added in hair oils and kept under sun for few days.

7. Pine bark extracts:

Pine Bark Extract BenefitsAs the name shows it’s a pineapple tree bark extract.

It includes proanthocyanidins, this compound is sold in different countries under different names but the usage is same.

It helps to overcome erectile issues as well as increase blood pressure in genitals to revitalize them.

It sometimes combine with L-aspartate to be use as supplement in male issues.

8. Indian spinach:

Here’s another Indian herb in the list, Indian ayurvedic medicines are considered best in healing medical conditions naturally.

This herb is tested on animals and gave positive results whether used fresh or in dried forms.

The alcohol constituents of Indian spinach are thought to be the reason but there are no studies showing the effects on animals by it are applied to humans as well.

9. L-arginine:

It’s an amino acid found in red meat, dairy, poultry and fish.

It’s also produces by body naturally. It’s a component of many body building supplements.

It doesn’t have effects on testosterone productions instead it fight out the symptoms of low testosterone production.

10. Yohimbe:

YohimbeIt is often referred as yohimbine.

It increases sexual excitement in males and worn off erectile dysfunction issues, but it only fight with symptoms of low testosterone not overcoming deficiency of it.

In few studies its efficiency is compared with some sexual activity enhancing supplements.

11. Zinc and vitamin D:

Zinc and vitamin D supplements might enhance testosterone productions when taken.

There efficacy is only in those cases where deficiency of zinc and vitamin D are the reason of low testosterone productions.

In other cases they don’t influence higher production of testosterone.

Testosterone Booster Supplements

Supplements basically are extra food you needed in your routine sometimes to increase stamina and brain work, sometimes to get rid of stubborn fats, often to enhance gym results and in some cases supplements can be a mixer of things which cure your ailments it could include impotence.

Testogen where to buy

Supplement industry is filled with supplements to aid sexual dysfunctions for both men and women.

How to choose a supplement for male issues?

There are many supplements available in the market.

Consumers must be cautious about their selection from them.

Here are few guidelines to tick when buying any supplement;

  1. Always go for 100% naturally extracted products.
  2. Do check the manufacturers of supplement (must be a well known supplement brand).
  3. Go with the supplements which mentioned signs of FDA approved.
  4. Before buying check online for its efficacy testimonials.
  5. Select the supplements with the most numbers of natural herbs mentioned in ingredients section.

Any supplement suggestion?

The numbers of available supplements which fulfill all the above described guidelines are very few.

The most recommended and efficient of them all is TestoGen a testosterone booster with amazing results.

A little about TestoGen:

Testogen ReviewsTestogen is a natural booster for testosterone, which is safe and effective and increase your testosterone levels naturally.


It is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited.

This company is known for producing a whole range of products in the supplement industry.

Its products are made with ingredients which are FDA approved making it 100% to use them.

Ingredients TestoGen involves:

Here are the ingredients present in TestoGen as per official website

  • Magnesium.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Boron.
  • Zinc.
  • Ginseng extracts.
  • Fenugreek extracts.
  • Nettle leaf extract.
  • Vitamin K1.
  • Vitamin B6.
  • Bioperine.

Stacking Dianabol with Testogen for best results.

Ask a doctor

Impotence or any other male sex related issues are not that much simple they are real deal because if left untreated you might end up with infertility.

Testosterone booster foods

It’s mandatory to consult a doctor if severe symptoms are present such as; erectile dysfunction.

For age depended lowering of testosterone you can start taking herbs or supplement which ever you like!

But, if you are not in your 40’s and having low testosterone symptoms you should contact your healthcare department as ASAP even before taking any natural product to make sure about the underlying cause of these symptoms.

In the end winding up the topic by saying follow the nature, nature has all the answers for our needs.

An example of it is TestoGen made of all natural herb extracts and highly effective as well.

TestoGen Customer Reviews and Feedback

Testogen like other Anabolic androgenic steroids increases the production of Testosterone in males.

Testosterone, as we all know, is essential for mass recovery, muscle building, and energy generation.

Testogen ReviewsTestogen gives you a proper dose of all the required ingredients which works by giving you an enhanced performance level at the gym.

A large part of the world population, including bodybuilders and athletes, are trusting Testogen to get back their stamina and vigor back.

The formula is a mixture of natural ingredients with a safe clinical data for use. 

By looking at so many customer reviews we could say that Testogen just not only works in your gym time, but it also improves your personal life which will be described below.

How Testogen works?

Without altering your diet, the natural ingredients in Testogen significantly increase the natural Testosterone level in men who are experiencing Testosterone deficiency.

Boost testosterone

The result is you perform a hell of a job at the gym and gain extra muscle mass with no sign of fats around your belly.

The dose of Testogen according to the manufacturer is 2 capsules per day which are sufficient enough to accelerate muscle synthesis in you.

The mechanism is achieved by the activation of Luteinizing hormone from gonadotropic cells, which then triggers the stimulation of Testosterone.

As a result of which the process of protein synthesis speeds up and develop new muscle mass as you work out.

Testosterone efficiency can have effects on your body, such as a slow aging process, enhanced performance level, mental alertness and most of all you will be sexually charged.

When it comes to increasing your workout skills, choosing testosterone enhancing supplement such as Testogen can be a wise choice since it offers 0 side effects to the users.

What makes Testogen so Powerful?

Simple Answer: The Ingredients!

Testogen comprises of various ingredients which altogether works perfectly to get you the maximum amount of energy without a single glitch.

Usually Testosterone boosters available in the market take weeks to give you the actual Zeal to workout.

In Testogen case, it’s only the matter of one week in which you will notice remarkable changes in your physique as well as your mood.

Ingredients of Testoge include:

1. Tribulus Terrestris

A renowned herb which has been used for centuries to boost Testosterone and libido in men. So far the efficacy of compound inside Tribulus is clinically proven which is why it is the main ingredient of Testogen.

2. D-Aspartic Acid

There are a plethora of scientific data available on D-Aspartic Acid which says that it increases the Testosterone secretion about 42% in only the time of 12 days. One of the major ingredients when it comes to efficacy.

3. Fenugreek

By enzymatic inhibition, Fenugreek is proven to increase free Testosterone level in your body by reducing the level of estrogen. It is also beneficial for the health of your muscles and tendons.

4. Ginseng, Panax

Panax Ginseng is a common herb in the Chinese tradition to elevate the T-level in the normal individual as well as his Libido (Sex Drive). Undoubtedly, Testogen will take care of your sexual issues as well, in case if you haven’t got the sex drive for weeks.

Other ingredients include Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin B2.B6, B5 and Vitamin D3, which in combination works to strengthen your muscle power and supply the proper amount of Testosterone to your muscles.

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Testogen Customer Reviews


The reviews were extracted from different web pages used by the people who’ve purchased Testogen and found it useful.

The effects of Testogen aren’t bad at all. I have noticed by weight lifts have improved greatly, plus the size of my muscles are much denser now.

It’s been only 2 weeks if started using Testogen, and I have now months to go. So far I haven’t experienced any kind of side effects so that I can withdraw it from my regimen.

Chris- Alaska


Used it for over a month and damn I can’t tell you how pleased I am. All of my friend who recommended me Testogen are far behind than me, and for me, this supplement is working in an ideal way as a matter of fact in 25.

It has greatly affected my sexual stamina and performance positively as well. Whereas in the gym, the focus level of me is greatly enhanced too, so I can do multiple bench press and still don’t feel tired. 

I am thinking to reduce to dose to 1 capsule per day because it is intense!

Joe Gage- Texas


For those guys or men who are experiencing an accelerated aging process in their bodies. Testogen can change your world, you don’t have to go after healthy eating habits for this.

You can just take it and concentrate elsewhere, either at the gym or some physical exercise it will turn you into a monster. The effects took about 3 weeks for me, but in the majority of cases, you get to see the difference in just a week.

Without any doubts, Testogen can take your workout, practice to a whole new level.

Alex- Chicago

Testogen Review Conclusion

Testogen offering you a complete package of medicinally tested herbal ingredients to enhance your physique and workout skills.

Testogen reviews

The long-lasting effects can improve your overall life aspects where you required a lot of mental and physical efforts.

By adopting a suitable workout plan you can develop an extra muscle mass within only 2-3 weeks but that’s not it.

You will also have the taste of the focused mental level with the enhanced sexual urge which we think is a positive point of Testogen, to increase men’s fertility.

Testogen as a muscle and strength building supplement is a choice of many world-class bodybuilders and athletes, which on a daily basis takes it for encouraging their workout skills.

Due to the fake and scam products, it would be nice to order Testogen from their official site only.

TestoFuel Review – Should you buy one?

Mostly, it is the lack of Testosterone which does not allow you to work out properly and develop muscle mass in an ideal way.

To overcome this issue health supplement manufacturers have dropped some of the powerful natural Testosterone boosters which not only aims to Testosterone deficiency in a male body but also strengthen their overall physique for the better and pronounced performance.

It gets confusing when there are a plethora of testosterone boosters available in the market, but you can’t decide whether which one to buy.

In order to ease this choosing dilemma, we are giving you a precise review about one of the Best Testosterone Booster in the market, both used by normal men and those who want to intensify their workout level.

Below is the neutral review of TestoFuel and how it is beneficial to elevate your Testosterone level.

What is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel is a multi-beneficial Testosterone boosting supplement which is a pure combination of natural ingredients.

TestofuelThe supplement is used by many bodybuilders to enhance the muscle mass in the most effective way.

With a lack of Testosterone it is difficult for men to increase the size of their muscles and gain a maximum stamina, normally you cannot focus on something more than 10 minutes if your body is deprived of one of the essential male hormone (Testosterone).

TestoFuel elevates Testosterone level markedly and gives you ultimate results such as increase muscle size, enhanced endurance level with other benefits, and that without any harmful side effects.

The supplement does not include any sort of Pharmaceutical grade ingredient, which is known to induce side effects.

Who makes TestoFuel?

Manufactured by Roar Ambition Limited, the company has their manufacturing plants in the UK and US under strict cGMP supervision.

The quality of the product hasn’t been compromised since the day it was launched.

When we asked customers to compare TestoFuel with other Testosterone boosters the results were favoring TestoFuel in terms of quality, safety, and efficacy.

Benefits of TestoFuel

  • By asking the customers about the life-changing results they got from TestoFuel, we think you can also get following benefits which are:
  • It helps you grow extra muscle mass, even if you were skinny and have a poor diet
  • Increase strength significantly which stays for a longer period of time
  • Not just a gym, but your performance level will be intensified sexually
  • Decrease extra amount of body fats from stomach and gives you rock hard abs
  • Endurance level and muscle recovery time will be remarkably enhanced
  • Improves your mood swings, one of the effects of Testosterone
  • Keeps your motivated and focused throughout the day
  • Your confidence level at gym will be like no others
  • No side effects
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Available in Capsule form so you wouldn’t have to worry about painful injections

Click here to order Testofuel

Now, how do TestoFuel works?

The supplement itself does not contain synthetic Testosterone but it simply works by stimulating the inner channels which accelerate the production of T-level in the complete natural way.

Testofuel results

The supplement works by activating Testosterone stimulating hormone (TSH) which is responsible for producing Testosterone in your body.

By taking testosterone injections in a form of steroid your body can come across to some lethal side effects due to a sudden boost of unidentifiable Testosterone in your bloodstream which is why it is dangerous for most of the population.

When it comes to TestoFuel, your body gets a dose of every essential nutrient which makes it an ideal form of therapy. The level of Testosterone rises in your body, which further ignites the protein synthesis process.

As a result, you get bigger sized muscles, intense amount of energy with faster recovery time, all these factors contributes greatly to achieve your workout goal.

Ingredients in TestoFuel

Each ingredient in TestoFuel has been clinically tested and found safe to aid muscle growth. Ingredients in TestoFuel are:

Testofuel supplement facts

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficient people are more prone to have less amount of Testosterone in their body. Vitamin D works by regulating the high level of Testosterone and also regulate protein synthesis. It is also effective for strong bones and prevents fatigue.

2. Oyster Extract

Oyster Extract has a lot of benefits to offer when it comes to taking care of male hormones. The ingredient is enriched with Zinc, which plays a main role in Testosterone production. It also decreases the level of estrogen in men, which gives rise to man boobs. Furthermore, hormonal imbalance leads to destroying mass in your body which is very well taken care of a maximum dose of Zinc in an oyster extract, results in modified and strong muscle mass.

3. D-Aspartic Acid

Usually, you do not get proper muscle mass because of the extra amino acids are deposited at unnecessary locations in your body. What D-Aspartic Acid does is to relocate those amino acid use it as a form of energy to increase muscle size. D-Aspartic acid is also renowned to enhance Testosterone stimulation in our body.

4. Ginseng

When you work out, your body needs an extra amount of energy which is fulfilled by this particular ingredient. Ginseng increases the energy level in your body which allows you to perform intense workout and carry the maximum amount of weight. The energy level rises because of the secretion of Adrenaline.

5. Fenugreek

The ingredient is used due to the several benefits. By aiding glucose absorption your body will get rigid muscle mass with peak endurance level. Choline present in Fenugreek gives you an extra boost of energy and helps in developing extra muscle mass.

6. Vitamin B6, K2

These 2 ingredients are not present in other Testosterone boosting supplements, as a matter of fact, their effects are quite significant. Androgen receptors produce Testosterone in your body which is stimulated vigorously by Vitamin B6, leading maximum Testosterone production.

Vitamin K2, on the other hand, maintains Testosterone reservoir by reducing Lipopolysaccharide. The presence of this Vitamin keeps the level of Testosterone in check and allows adrenal receptor’s activation at the time of its deficiency.

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TestoFuel Results- Before & After

This is not a review from a single person, but an aggregated review from different people who were devoid of muscle mass before they used TestoFuel.

Testofuel before and after

The after effects are seriously impressive.

Before- Men complained about no progress in muscle mass just by working out. Their performance level was going down eventually with no sign of progress. Moreover, their interest in the gym was diminishing every day and it was like they were not doing something mandatory.

The endurance level was lost, it was due to the lack of Testosterone that their sexual life was also being affected. Even after months of workout, some men tended to increase 3-4 pounds in weight which they couldn’t count as progress.

After- After 3 months of TestoFuel use, men with low muscle mass experienced a significant boost in energy level. They managed to lift an extra amount of weight and most men had gained about 15-20 pounds of weight due to increase in muscle mass. The after effects of TestoFuel are very much different than before in terms of gaining muscle mass, peak endurance level, increase sexual traits and also mental and physical alertness.

“Along with a good diet and training, TestoFuel made me gain 5 kg in only 4 months! Therefore I recommend that product to everyone, and not just simply for muscle gains, the increase in Testosterone improved by Libido and my mood”.

Pierre- France

Money Back Guarantee- Is it real?

buy TestofuelWe think we won’t be needed but still, if you are not satisfied with the results of TestoFuel, the company offers 90 days money back guarantee to all the users.

You will not waste your money or time because it is a total risk-free choice.

Where can you buy TestoFuel?

Needless to say, you should purchase TestoFuel from only the official website (testofuel.com).

There are other links too, which will direct you to the official page, but other than that you cannot trust any source.

This is because of the quality issue, some people ordered TestoFuel from Walmart or eBay and they were not satisfied with the quality of the product.

This only requires you to visit the only official page of TestoFuel if you are interested in buying one.

Also, their Customer Support staff is available 24/7 by email. You can ask them any query about the use of TestoFuel or even product information.

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Click here to order Testofuel

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Best Testosterone Booster in the market, TestoFuel surely comes under top 3 Testosterone boosting supplements available online.

Testofuel Testosterone booster

It is evidently the best choice for increasing muscle mass along with the size of your muscles and loads you with a heap of confidence.

The T-Level is sufficiently enhanced which allows you to perform a harder task in a very easy manner.

Increasing libido in men tends to make them sexually active more aroused which is another benefit of TestoFuel.

Your weight lifting skills will be enhanced, and you can make this happen in only 3-4 months of the time period. Usually, other supplements require 6-8 months for pronounced results, but TestoFuel can do it way faster.

Note that when you buy 3 packs of TestoFuel from their official webpage, you will get the fourth one for free!

In a ground of many Testosterone boosters, TestoFuel has achieved the finest image amongst all.

Best Testosterone Booster for Muscle Gain

For an ideal and proper muscle gain, testosterone boosting supplements are highly preferable because of their efficient mode of action.

Testogen resultsTestosterone, as we know, is the hormone responsible for the production of muscle mass and improving other masculine traits in men.

Men who have the proper amount of testosterone in their bodies are always bulky and with more strength in their muscles.

The level of testosterone begins to go towards the decline phase at the age of 30 or in some cases mid-twenties.

The best way to preserve this essential hormone is to take diets which contain high level of testosterone, but at some point, you need an extra hand to overcome its deficiency.

There are about too many testosterone boosting supplements available in the market which claims to provide your body a proper dose of testosterone required for enhancing muscle mass and for other athletic purposes.

Let us help you in choosing the right supplement to elevate your T-level without any potential side effects. 

Synthetic vs Natural Testosterone Boosters!

When we talk about Testosterone supplementation there are mainly two kinds of preparation to boost T-level.

how testosterone booster works

First, there are synthetic ones which usually you get from your physician in the shape of shots on a regular basis.

One risk associated with the T-Shot is that it will shut down your body’s natural process to produce testosterone. Which is why the synthetic boosters should be at the last on their list.

Speaking of the natural testosterone boosters, they are the selective formula which is made from the pure and fresh herbs required by your body to elevate the level of Testosterone.

Along with the main ingredients, the natural testosterone boosters provides an effective dose of vitamins and other nutrients required by your body.

The best thing about natural boosters is that there are no side effects associated whether if you use it for a short time or long time period.

Your body tendency of secreting Testosterone will not be altered or bothered.

Ingredients that are the best Testosterone Booster for muscle gain!

While choosing a natural testosterone boosting supplement, make sure these ingredients are in it.

1. D-Aspartic Acid

The key ingredient to increase your muscle mass in a faster way. D-Aspartic acid is known to increase the level of testosterone by reducing estrogen level which as a result gives you extra muscle gain.

It is reportedly the best ingredient to store more proteins in your muscle which makes them harder and stronger.

There is a number of studies available on D-Aspartic acid, showing that it significantly helps in developing muscle mass without any harmful effects.

The ingredient is also known to increase the level of growth hormones to some extent.

2. Zinc

Zinc comes under the main nutrients which are closely associated with the production of Testosterone.

Regular consumption of zinc reportedly increases the secretion of Testosterone in a normal individual.

In many case studies, subjects who were restricted to the diets contain less or no zinc experienced drowsiness and muscle fatigue due to very less amount of Testosterone in their blood samples.

In order to increase the level of Testosterone, zinc is the essential element which is why every Testosterone boosting supplement has a proper dose of zinc added to fulfill the daily demand.

3. Ginseng

The herb has been used for centuries in Chinese tradition to stimulate sexual characteristics and boost testosterone level in men.

The herb also increases the libido in an individual which is somehow a plus point.

4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the main element improves your bone’s density and strengthen your immune system.

According to the modern studies, Vitamin D deficiency can leads to low testosterone level since it contributes greatly to the testosterone production.

The Proper dose of Vitamin D is essential which most people do not get from their diet which is why every Testosterone boosting supplement also contains a proper dose of Vitamin D.

Physique with Low-Testosterone

The deficiency of Testosterone bring some negative effects in your body.

The energy and youthfulness disappear in a very prompt way in an individual along with the symptoms which are:

  • Less strength in muscles
  • Muscle mass Degeneration
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Body Fats accumulation
  • Decreased Sexual desire
  • Aching Bones
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Loss of focus
  • Lack of performance

These symptoms can be a nightmare for the person who has been living an active and energetic life.

Once you raise the level of Testosterone you can reverse these symptoms in no time and live your life like an individual full of burning energy.

Learn more about Steroids vs Testosterone

Best Testosterone Boosters for Muscle Gains

Let’s take a look now at the best testosterone booster in the market.

No, we are not giving you multiple options that will confuse your mind but a single and best Testosterone supplement available in the market.

This supplement will work holistically to help you build massive muscle mass along with improving your body’s other functions.


TestoGen has been on the hype for a year because of the efficient natural formula that has worked on over thousands of people included bodybuilders and athletes.

Testogen ReviewsThe supplement is easily available online and is affordable for everyone who wishes to purchase an ideal Testosterone booster.

The formula comprises of some extensive ingredients which will allow you to build solid muscle mass and provides you extreme endurance level while workout.

Testogen includes D-Aspartic acid, zinc, Tribulus Terrestris and magnesium in its preparation which makes it an ideal candidate for boosting T-Level.

Surprisingly no other natural supplement contains this much amount of ingredient in a single pack.

TestoGen is the best solution for building muscle mass and it also enhances your sexual performance.

This is great for those men who are at their late thirties and have lack of libido, TetsoGen along with some libido enhancing ingredients such as Ginseng, Fenugreek and Zinc Gluconate will lite your sexual life that your body feels like young once again!

Now you will not only build impressive muscle mass but also be a complete man.

With the help of TestoGen, the rate of success towards muscle gain is too high.

Along with all these advantages, TestoGen provides free shipping worldwide and even money back guarantee in the case if you are not satisfied with the results.

The manufacturer of TestoGen is very much confident about it since it is their best product to this day.

Also, reviews of TestoGen tells us the same stories, about how it has changed the life of so many men who were used to be sexually inactive and lived with feeble muscle mass.

Benefits of TestoGen

  • Gives you Solid muscle mass
  • Enhance protein synthesis
  • Increase endurance level during sports or workout
  • Increase libido
  • Enhance sexual performance
  • Excellent reviews
  • Free shipping
  • Discounts available for buying multiple bottles

Final Verdict

At first, we shortlisted 5 Testosterone boosting supplements but TestoGen was clearly the winner when it comes to ingredients, effects, reviews, and price.

The list of benefits are too many when it comes to TestoGen and it is manufactured by the admirable company which is in health supplements manufacturing since a decade.

Testogen where to buy

TestoGen works even much better when accompanied by a perfect dietary plan and exercise regimen. It is the Best Testosterone Booster for muscle gain in the market!  

Best Testosterone Booster

The Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

Frankly speaking, Testosterone boosters are quite popular types of supplement.

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

There are numerous supplements, which claim to work as testosterone boosters.

However, not every single one is worth your time and money.

Hence, we are completely aware that finding the right product is not a piece of cake and for that one needs to spend a lot of time and do a lot of research.

So, we have designed this article for you to get the relevant plus authentic information about the multiple supplements and decide on your own which one is more suitable as per your requirement.

Today, we are going to talk about Top Three Testosterone Boosters on the market.

In this article, first of all, you will get a brief summary of these products, relevant ingredient list, dosage amounts and their working principle and finally our verdict.


Do remember, it is a general recommendation that a proper regimen of exercise and at least two to three-month usage can bring the optimum results.

Testosterone Booster #1 TestoGen

TestoGen is one of the reliable products for the T hormone levels.

Furthermore, it is a testosterone booster and it is natural, as it has compounds and elements that are natural and they are great at enhancing the level of Testosterone.

Hence, it is a highly revolutionary mix of natural ingredients to act like a booster.

What is the working principle of TestoGen?

Selenium is a mineral that is present in the soil usually and it is part of this supplement in the shape of sodium selenite.

Furthermore, this element (Selenium) is crucial in supporting crucial tasks in the human body.

Hence, it happens to enhance the effectiveness of antioxidants, it can be helpful in lowering the blood pressure (back to the normal) plus it helps the body to eliminate the toxic material from the body.

D-Aspartic Acid is basically a type of amino acid that is great for maintaining the production of different hormones in the body.

Thus, it is helpful in the production of testosterone that eventually leads its effects on increasing the stamina and maintaining the lean muscle in the consumer’s body.

Moreover, it is also helpful in having improved sex drive.

Fenugreek is a natural and effective ingredient to keep the free radicals at a distance so your body can perform well.

Furthermore, it improves the libido, strength and lets the body perform efficiently.

Gin Seng Extract is a root of a plant and it works as a libido stimulator and it protects organs from any kind of damage plus it lets them work in the right way.

Zinc is pivotal for a male’s body; it keeps the sperm healthy and it is also helpful in the other body functions.

TestoGen has vitamin D3, it can easily control the levels of testosterone especially that does not adhere to protein and freely floating into the blood.

Testogen factsMoreover, it can slow down the process of testosterone altering into oestrogen.

Vitamins come in the category of organic compounds and Vitamin B is a group of amino acids.

Furthermore, TestoGen possesses B2, B5, and B6. These all Vitamin B types are great at improving the energy levels with providing essential hormones.

It is again a natural herb that has the properties of boosting testosterone and it can support muscle development.

Plus, the creation of reproductive tissues.


The ingredients are quite unique and great, and as per their role, the TestoGen works on the following principle:

  1. Selenium
  2. D-Aspartic Acid
  3. Fenugreek
  4. Gin Seng Extract
  5. Zinc Gluconate
  6. Vitamin D
  7. Vitamin B
  8. Tribulus Terrestris


When you have the right amount of testosterone, you will be able to have

  1. Better muscle size
  2. Reduced fat content
  3. Improved libido
  4. Elevated stamina and strength
  5. Improved focus
  6. Better concentration
  7. Decrease in irritability

Testogen reviews

Testosterone Booster #2 Testo-Max

Testo-Max boosts testosterone in a highly effective way.

To improve testosterone levels, you do not need any illegal anabolic steroids.

It improves luteinizing hormone production and enhances levels of T hormone.

What is the working principle of Testo-Max?

There is a plant in its composition and that plant has chemicals “steroidal saponins”.

These chemicals improve luteinizing levels that are highly essential for the production of Testosterone.

Furthermore, Testosterone is highly essential for performing different tasks in the human body and that is why its levels are supposed to be at the right levels.

Moreover, it mainly improves your strength and stamina so you can perform beyond of your own limitations.

Hence, this supplement simply helps to unleash the super and true potential of your body.


  1. Fenugreek Extract (seeds)
  2. Panax Ginseng (root)
  3. Tribulus Terrestris (Fruit extract)
  4. D Aspartic Acid
  5. Zinc
  6. Vitamin A
  7. Calcium
  8. Selenium
  9. Calcium Pantothenate (B5)
  10. VitaminD3
  11. Riboflavin
  12. Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (B6)
  13. Cholesterol
  14. Protein
  15. Sodium
  16. Dietary Fiber
  17. Sugars
  18. Carbohydrate


  1. Extraordinary performance levels
  2. Great potential
  3. Better strength
  4. Safe and sound
  5. Super fast recovery time
  6. Tremendous performance in the workouts
  7. Better and toned muscle shape
  8. Proper muscle gain

Testosterone Booster #3 Trooper

Trooper is a good recommendation for the committed people who are willing to see the right muscle gain, better level of Stamina, quick recovery, and improved strength.

Marine Muscle Trooper reviewThe supplement is a revolutionary supplement for the right results.

However, it is not available in the Europe and mainly in the UK because it is specially designed for the Americans.

What is the working principle of Trooper?

Testosterone’s right levels are more than important and these levels largely affect the muscle gain.

People, who are suffering from low T hormone levels, definitely missing a lot of things.

Moreover, it is easy for people who have maximum testosterone levels to gain muscle swiftly without any issue.

However, if the T hormonal levels are down then the situation is another way around usually.

Furthermore, Trooper offers you twice the amount of Saponins that is already more than any other brands.

Saponins enhance luteinizing hormone in your body and it also happens to improve the T levels.

Moreover, this supplement (Trooper) contains stimulants such as DHEA to improve the Testosterone in the user’s body.

Bottom Line: Trooper can give the required muscle gain, strength and improved level of T hormone.


  1. Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
  2. Fenugreek Concentrate 4:1 (Trigonella Foenum Graecum) (Seed)
  3. Ginseng (20% Ginsenosides) (Panax ginseng) (Whole Herb)
  4. D-Aspartic Acid
  5. Tribulus Terrestris (Puncture Vine) (Fruit)
  6. Selenium (from Sodium Selenate)
  7. Zinc (from Zinc Gluconate)
  8. VitaminB5 (from d-Calcium Pantothenate)
  9. VitaminB6 (from Pyridoxine HCL)
  10. VitaminB2 (Riboflavin)

Trooper does not contain the following things:

  1. Sugar
  2. Salt
  3. Yeast
  4. Wheat
  5. Rice
  6. Gluten
  7. Gluten
  8. Dairy
  9. Shellfish
  10. Artificial Sweeteners
  11. Colors or Flavorings


  1. You can get it without prescription
  2. Results will be significant within three to four weeks
  3. Specially designed for the Americans
  4. Increase the levels of T hormone to the maximum level
  5. Massive Muscles are for sure
  6. Great power enhancement
  7. Hardcore strength and Stamina
  8. Fast pace recovery, so no tiredness
  9. Better libido
  10. Zero Side effects
  11. 100% authentic and legal alternative (of anabolic steroids)
  12. reliable product

Final Comment

All three are remarkable products.

However, each one has a slightly different thing to offer.

Testogen has mentioned main ingredient list and the function of each ingredient so the consumers, who do not know things in much detail, can take benefit but it does not mention the quantity of each ingredient.

Testosterone booster foods

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Testo-Max has given all the ingredients with their quantities and these ingredients are natural too.

However, the official site does not tell us what the functionality of each ingredient is so, the buyer has to do the research for the functionality of each ingredient


Last but not the least, Trooper also has the complete ingredient list and even they have gone one-step further and have mentioned even the source of each ingredient.

The best part Trooper is that it can be even helpful for those who have certain allergies and the company has mentioned even the list of those ingredients that are not included so people can check out that list too.

Hence, the customer needs to decide after comparing all three products that in which he is interested as all three results provider testosterone boosters for sure!

What are Prohormones? Their Side effects and Best Alternative

It is nearly impossible to achieve great muscle mass with revealing cuts without a use of supplements.

Supplements are just a kind of help that allows your body to shape it in a faster and more effective way.

prohormones increase muscle mass

Everybody once in a while considers using different sorts of supplements because its market is massively huge!

If you ever thought about trying a bodybuilding supplement then you might have thought of taking Prohormones.

Prohormones according to some people is the best choice to gain muscular mass, but then again the majority of them are against it.

Below information provided tells you after the safety and efficacy of Prohormones and some other details you might want to know before purchasing one.

What are Prohormones actually?

Prohormones are not the actual type of hormones, which produces naturally in our body system, but they have an effect like one.

Prohormones are thought to serve as a precursor of the hormone which stimulates the secretion of Testosterone, a male hormone which is responsible for developing muscle mass in men.

Testogen resultsAccording to the manufacturer of some greatly sold Prohormones, after getting absorbed in the human body.

They produce a special sort of anabolic effect and act as testosterone by enhancing muscle mass without producing any side or adverse effects.

The use of Prohormones was introduced in 1990’s era where bodybuilders and athletes from different regions of the world started to use to improve their body mass growth.

Indeed over the last couple of years, Prohormones are still being used by the general public.

Some examples of best-selling Prohormones are androstenedione, androstenediol, norandrostenedione and norandrostenediol.

Claims from the manufacturer of Prohormones narrate that 50mg of Prohormone supplementation can elevate the Testosterone production up to 80%.

Upon 100mg dose, it could go from 237% which then gave so much zeal to some researchers to find out if it’s true or not.

Side effects of Prohormones

For the beginners who are looking for gym supplements, you cannot just enter into any store and purchase Prohormones just like that.

boost testosteroneIt requires a proper set of knowledge to know about the lethal side effects before buying one.

From the time it’s available in the market, many people who have tried it came across to some side effects which then got increased in number.

Long-term use of Prohormones has been generating many unwanted effects which we think you should know first.

1. Chronic liver damage

Prohormones are extremely liver toxic which is why they were banned so many times from the market. In many cases, it was observed that individuals who consumed alcohol with Prohormones were more prone to liver damage and at a serious life-threatening condition.

2. Your Testes will shrink

For the time being, you might experience testicular shrinkage or lack of sexual desire. But this effect only happens quite rare and it can subside when your body is done with the hormonal imbalance.

3. Hair Loss

The prevalence is not widespread but occurred in some people who tried to overdose it.

4. Gynecomastia

Development of man boobs has been reported in some cases by the use of Prohormones. This may be caused by the abnormal estrogenic response to the drastic excess of T-Level.

5. Skin Acne

Long-term use can cause temporary skin acne issue which is mainly caused by the hormonal imbalance.

Are they Legal?

Some people may find this not true or fake, but in reality, The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990 banned Prohormones as they did not appear to be Anabolic Steroid.

Pro Hormones anabolic steroids

However, some people preferred and used it as a dietary supplement anyway.

Now the Andros is illegal to purchase or it cannot be imported, however, nowadays some people prefer ordering it online.

Case studies about Prohormones- Are they recommended to raise T-level?

Scientifically conceived, the use of the Prohormones dietary supplement DOES NOT produce any sort of anabolic effect in men.

Furthermore, these supplements could bring a risk to your health which can be life-threatening.

In addition, no ergogenic effects were reported in men who regularly took a 100mg dose of Andro.

Final Summary- Are they safe?

Prohormones can lead to overproduction of Testosterone by the enzymatic conversation at the peripheral but it certainly does not produce any Anabolic effects.

By this claim, we STRONGLY DO NOT suggest Prohormones use as a dietary supplement.

The reason behind is that it dramatically increases the risk of your liver and kidneys, which in many cases can lead to cancer.

The claims of the manufacturer are, however, says the opposite, but majority refuses it along with the proof obtained from sundry case studies.

What is the Best Alternative Non-Prohormones available?

If you are someone who is looking for a supplement to increase T-level in the gym, then you might need a special sort of ingredients containing supplement which is without any sort of synthetic chemicals.

Testogen Reviews Testogen, in this case, is the ideal anabolic Testosterone boosting supplement which has been grabbed so much attention of bodybuilders.

One good thing about supplements like Testogen is they contain only naturally occurring ingredients in their supplements which boost the T-level without causing any side effects.

They are to this day the ideal supplement for the gym which can accelerate muscle mass production in a best possible way.

Choosing Testogen over Prohormones!

Testosterone booster such as Testogen increase Testosterone level without altering your enzymatic system, the effect is achieved from the natural stimulation of hormones.

By choosing testosterone boosters such as Testogen over Prohormones you will experience remarkable benefits such as

  • Enhanced muscle mass
  • Enhanced bones density
  • Increase sperm production which elevates your sex desire and performance in bed
  • Even fat distribution
  • Pure anabolic steroid
  • No side effects

In a nutshell, Prohormones are the kind of supplement you doctors stops you from.

The latency of side effects is really high and you won’t get the desired results anyway.

Testosterone booster like Testogen however, would be a wise choice if you are looking for an additional hand to your workout.

Testogen where to buy

Customer reviews of these T-level boosters are quite positive which is why we strongly suggest you one.

Testosterone Booster Foods

Foods that boost Testosterone level naturally – Testosterone is naturally occurring male hormone which is also a foundation of your exercise.

This hormone designs the masculine features of a man and keeps him sexually active.

Testosterone booster foods

Testosterone is also responsible for your physical growth, such as the production of lean muscle mass and also look after your mental capabilities such as staying focused and alert.

There are many cases in which the level of Testosterone relatively decreases and the effects appear in the shape of physical and mental weakness.

Low level of Testosterone which in medical term, also known as Hypogonadism where men develop very little amount of Testosterone in their body as a result of which the total body requirement remains unfulfilled.

There are some testosterone booster foods which can help you elevate the T-Level more pronouncedly and then there are also food items you need to stay away from.

Let’s take a brief look at the food that can increase or decrease this essential hormone production in your body.

5 foods that lower Testosterone

In order to boost your Testosterone Level naturally, you need to know about foods that are against it. 

There are plenty of food items that lower your T-Level but these 5 foods are most commonly used by a normal individual on a daily basis.

beer alzheimers

1. Soy Product

This is a controversial subject if soy products decrease the level of Testosterone.

Well speaking science, upon the consumption of Soy products like legumes it mimics the effect of estrogen hormone (which is a female hormone) in a man’s body.

When the level of estrogen rises in man’s body, it consequently subsides the level of Testosterone.

Usually, you won’t be noticing it, but it takes about weeks to make you realize when you finally feel the difference in your physical stamina.

In a study performed by Human Reproduction journal, it was elucidated that consuming soy products on a daily basis can decrease the sperm count and is dangerous for man’s virility.

2. Alcohol

Surely it makes you feel good at the time, but there are so many functions going inside your body which you don’t know.

During the consumption of Alcohol your body release chemical called endorphins, which makes you feel good for the time being, but side by side it is strongly decreasing your T-level.

People who have been consuming alcohol for a long the  have higher levels of estrogen than Testosterone which being a man is not good at all.

3. Trans-Fat

Food which is cooked in deep fried or hydrogenated oil is dangerous to your health which is a clear fact.

Not only these food items are bad for your T-level but upon excessive consumption, they cause diseases like cancer or atherosclerosis which is a serious heart-related condition.

Food which is prepared in Trans-Fat or which you should ignore is.

  • Fast food items from KFC or McDonald
  • Potato Chips
  • Cookies, cakes, pastries
  • Margarine and some low-quality fatty products
  • Baking items and confectionaries made in industrial vegetable oil
4. Minty Items

Peppermint and Spearmint are two common species of the mint family, which contains menthol that gives it a soothing and cool taste.

Used in many edible and other items, Mint can relatively lower the level of overall Testosterone in your body.

At first, it was considered as a myth, but then various numbers of studies were performed on rats, where it shows that upon peppermint tea consumption the reduction of total Testosterone was 23% whereas spearmint tea reduced total T-level 51%.

It is normal and healthy to have mint tea when it is needed, but we would not recommend it for a long period of time.

5. Flaxseed Products

Despite having a high content of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Flaxseed is considered beneficial in many cases, but then again we compared the risks versus benefits.

Flax products have a high amount of “lignans” which is highly estrogenic. Whatever makes the level of estrogen rise in men’s body, tends to decrease the T-level.

In many studies, it is proved that consuming a lot of lignans containing foods and bind to Testosterone in our body and deactivates it. 

And once again products with Flaxseeds are highly recommended for females who are suffering from hirsutism or have smaller breasts.

7 foods that increase Testosterone naturally

Foods that increase the level of Testosterone is mostly natural which you should consider include your diet plan.

Tuna Fish boost testosterone

1. Vitamin D containing Products

Vitamin D is found in many products such as Milk.

It is not only beneficial for bone’s growth and strength, but it also elevates the level of Testosterone by stimulating the region where it is produced.

Many Testosterone boosting supplements include Vitamin D at every cost since it is essential for its production.

Choosing low-fat milk offers more advantages than the high fat containing milk.

2. Pomegranate

The benefits of Pomegranate are too many when it comes to providing your body a healthy dose of multi-nutrients.

One glass of pomegranate juice offers a number of vitamins such as Vit A, C, and E along with other antioxidants.

Above all a single glass of Pomegranate increase the level of Testosterone by 30% and increase sex drive significantly.

Men before sexual intercourse often rely on Pomegranate juice to give them more sexual stamina and high sperm count.

The sugar content in Pomegranate is just perfect which doesn’t accumulate in your body.

Individuals with high blood pressure also use Pomegranate juice to bring back their BP to normal.

3. Tuna Fish

Consumption of Tuna fish once a day can fulfill the requirement of Vitamin D which also supports the production of Testosterone.

Tuna contains protein which is good for your cardiovascular system and it contains very less amount of calories.

Other fish which can provide you a sufficient dose of Vitamin D are salmon or sardines, but the user must not consume them in excess.

4. Egg Yolk

Egg yolk significantly improves the level of Testosterone in your body, but it also offers a large amount of cholesterol.

Men who do not have any preexisting hyper cholesterol issue can consume the egg yolk in order to stimulate the production of testosterone.

5. Oysters

Oysters are expensive as well as number 1 libido-boosting food which remarkably elevates your T-level.

Zinc is an essential element for men as it keeps all the level of hormones during puberty in check.

Usually, men with low levels of testosterone have somehow found to be zinc deficient, which is why it is mandatory to take a proper dose per day.

6. Beans

Beans are very much beneficial in elevating the level of Testosterone as they contain the maximum number of Zinc and Vitamin D.

Beans like white kidney beans and black beans contain heart-friendly proteins which are plant-based and can turn on the stimulation of testosterone secreting organ.

Also, they contain the maximum amount of other nutrients if serve baked.

7. Coconut

The generation of Testosterone requires your body to contain the maximum amount of saturated fats, which can be fulfilled by this particular desert fruit.

Coconut is also used to treat obesity and lose weight because it contains a significant amount of user-friendly fats which also elevate the Testosterone production remarkably.

5 Foods that Boost Testosterone and Lower Estrogen


1. Cruciferous Vegetables

These are the vegetables which belong to the plant family called Cruciferae.

One of the effective ways to block estrogen and promotes T-level lies in consuming these vegetables.

The phytochemicals in cruciferous vegetables tend to block the estrogen production and thereby enhance Testosterone level in your bloodstream.

Vegetables which are cruciferous includes broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, turnips and Brussels sprout.

The key to getting the full benefits from these vegetables is by not cooking them too much.

2. Red Grapes

Red Grapes can be eaten with vegetables or you can even add them to your salad.

Both the skins and seeds of red grapes contain a massive amount of chemical called proanthocyanidin which blocks estrogen in your body and gives you elevated T-level.

3. Whole grains

Processed whole grains are the broken pieces while we emphasize on consuming the unrefined ones.

The seeds of unrefined whole grains contain a significant number of phytoestrogen and polyphenols which works by disrupting the structure of active estrogen available in your body.

Remember that presence of estrogen in men’s body decreases Testosterone production to a wide extent.

Whole grains which you can eat are Wheat, corn, rice, millet, barley, and oats.

4. Mushrooms

There is a number of mushroom recipes available, but you can also eat the raw one by adding them to your salad.

Mushrooms are the greatest source for blocking estrogen in your body by blocking an enzyme called Aromatase.

Daily mushroom consumption can inhibit the production of new estrogen in your body and it also gives your Testosterone level a boost.

Try choosing organic mushrooms over the wild picked ones.

5. Green tea

Many health institutions conducted so many studies on Green Tea which concludes that it is certainly beneficial for lower the risks of heart diseases.

Green tea contains rich amounts of polyphenols which metabolize estrogen and keep them inactive.

You can either drink it hot or cold, but the benefits will be the same.

Final Summary

If you are suffering from low level of Testosterone and wants to give it a massive boost, consider including these diets in your diet plan or you can consume the estrogen blocking foods which indirectly elevates T-level.

By elevating the level of Testosterone and blocking estrogen you can save your life from various distressful conditions.

How to increase Testosterone?

The human body is a miraculous creation which is comprised of too many complex systems.

One of the major system in both male and female is the endocrine system which is responsible for secreting hormones that give you feature as you are. 

Speaking about men, Testosterone comes right at the top which is considered an essential hormone in men.

Boost testosterone

Whatever manly traits a man is having is because of this particular hormone.

From having facial hair, extra muscular body, deep and husky voice, the function of Testosterone is also to generate sexual desire and the development of the male reproductive system.

Testosterone can also be found in the female, but the ratio of secretion is 20 times lower than in males. By looking at its biochemistry, it is of the type of androgen hormones which are steroidal in nature.

The production takes place in the sex organs where it reaches to the max at the age of 30-35.

Regular production of Testosterone in you is a sign of a healthy body, whereas some men are unfortunate in this regard.

Some men have developed absence of proper adrenal glands functioning where it leads to low testosterone level.

What happens then? Without Testosterone, a man is just a meat sack with no energy in it, nor any sign of sexual desires.

Testosterone Functions

Some important functions which this hormone serves to your body are.

  • Makes you a man by developing the sex organs before birth
  • Gives you unique features like deep voice and body hair
  • Responsible for fat burn and produce muscle mass
  • Improve your body appearance and performance level
  • Responsible to increase libido in men
  • Defines your sexual behavior
  • Keeps your bones strong and non-hollow
  • In a case of heart-related diseases, it fights against the negative symptoms
  • Fight depression, a dose of Testosterone supplement can noticeably elevate your mood
  • Gives your body a calm and dominant feel
  • Makes you potent by spermatogenesis (sperm production)

Risks of Low level of Testosterone

The production of Testosterone decreases over time and it can be drastic if a person is not taking healthy food or losing so much of it.

In the case where your body is not able to generate a sufficient quantity of Testosterone, you can be affected physically, mentally and sexually.

Symptoms of low level of Testosterone are as follows

  • You will begin to lose body hair and muscle mass
  • Your sex drive will be reduced dramatically that you might not be able to satisfy your wife/partner
  • Even the sex organ will not get hard any longer, it’ll affect your sexual life majorly
  • Decreased Testosterone can lead to Gynecomastia which is actually the development of Man-Boobs.
  • Symptoms of depression will be observed where a person gets annoyed too quickly
  • You will lose your concentration power and your focus level will be affected
  • Low sperm count which challenges your virility
  • Your bones will get weak and are more prone to fracture on a little struck
  • Your testes will be shrunken, soften and dull
  • Physical performance will be greatly affected along with little endurance level and no stamina at all

Testosterone effects are mandatory in your which you do not want to miss at any point.

In case if you observe any three of these symptoms in you, we guess it’s time for you to visit your health specialist so he can provide you options to increase its level.

The normal level of Testosterone in men is between 300-1,000 ng/dl (Nanogram per deciliter).

Keeping Testosterone Level in check

how to check testosterone levels

Many people have asked about the right way to keep the testosterone level in balance, speaking from the medical point of view, some health experts suggest that it is important for a man to evaluate his Testosterone level in every 5 years which must be started at 35.

Upon testing, if you find the Testosterone Level is low in your body and you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, it is time for you to find a solution.

Some people have been suggesting Testosterone Therapy which normalizes the testosterone level in your body, but there is something which many types of research were trying to find since the last decade is that the Testosterone Therapy can disable a body’s natural process to generate testosterone.

The therapy only affects 2% of the population were in many cases the latency of side effects were too high.

Reasons of Testosterone Deficiency

There is a number of reasons which affect the normal production of Testosterone in your body with aging. Use of certain medications can induce negative reactions which can later affect the stimulation of Testosterone.

In case of thyroid disorders, the production of Testosterone goes down and it can be for permanent basis.

Other reasons like depression and excessive alcohol use also contribute greatly in Testosterone deficiency.

Some major illness can also affect Testosterone production rate such as testicular cancer, hypogonadism, diabetes, kidney failure.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

There is wide range of testosterone boosters available in the market, which helps you increase the level of Testosterone in your body.

However, natural Testosterone Boosters are way too much in demand because of their anabolic effects that are 100% side effects free and work in a prompt way.

Testogen reviews

Testosterone boosting supplements simply work by interfering the hormonal system and stimulate the sites where its production takes place.

As we have mentioned that increased level of Testosterone can be helpful in building solid muscle mass, which is why bodybuilders from different regions of the world are also taking Testosterone boosters to gain stronger muscle mass in a quick way.

We can tell you about every Testosterone boosting supplement available, but we rather consume your time in knowing the topmost and the best solution to increase Testosterone level.

Testogen is a Class “A” natural Testosterone Booster which can help anyone who is suffering from Testosterone deficiency.


In the world of natural testosterone booster supplement, Testogen is the greatest name which has changed the lives of thousands of men all around the world.

Testogen ReviewsTestogen is a unique formula merged with some incredible naturally occurring ingredients which significantly elevate your Testosterone level in the safe and easy way.

Some people misunderstood Testogen with other body supplements, well to clarify the misconception Testogen was originally developed for men suffering from low level of testosterone due to which their lives had taken a wrong turn.

Later, this supplement was used by some bodybuilders who had complained about working out too much with no results.

The generation of muscle mass solely depends on the level of Testosterone in your body which after use of Testogen was greatly enhanced.

This amazing Testosterone boosting formula contains the 8 potent ingredients which are derived from the natural source.

Every ingredient in Testogen is somehow beneficial to attain the maximum level of Testosterone which also improves the sexual life of men by giving them hard erection which most men purchase it for.

Testogen Ingredients

The powerful formula of Testogen contains these 8 ingredients

  • Tribulus Terrestris– The herb has been used for centuries to boost the level of Testosterone in men. Apart from being used as a sex drug, it is also an effective anti-inflammatory agent.
  • D-Aspartic Acid- continuous regulation of amino acids is important for testosterone secretion which also contributes in making enough muscle mass and provides high-grade stamina.
  • Fenugreek- Known to enhance libido which indirectly improves Testosterone production. It is also a rich source of essential antioxidants.
  • Ginseng Extract- Used to induce a stronger erection in males, and to enhance sex drive. Ginseng Extract is also known for double the amount of energy while you are at physical pressure.
  • Zinc- Zinc deficiency can affect testosterone secretion because it is one of the important minerals which is required by the body to carry the process Spermatogenesis.
  • Selenium- Work as a powerful detoxifying agent, selenium provides a sufficient dose of antioxidant by erasing all the harmful toxins from the body.
  • Vitamin D- Help bones to get solid and strong. Vitamin D maintains the level of Testosterone by stopping the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

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Testogen Comparison with other Competitors

Yes, there is a plethora of testosterone boosting supplement available in the market, but stating Testogen as the best has its own reasons.

The first reason is the list of ingredients which are available in a right quantity in every dose.

Other testosterone boosters have the same ingredients, but what makes Testogen far more superior is the huge dose of Tribulus Terrestris which is highly demanded by men suffering from low testosterone level.

The prime focus of this natural supplement is to bring positive changes in your life by elevating Testosterone level, after which you will be able to stay highly active and charged in every phase of life.

The secondary focus is on the bodybuilders who seek the maximum testosterone dose to enhance their muscle mass along with high endurance level.

List of benefits of Testogen

  • Increase the level of Testosterone in a short time frame
  • Enhance sexual desire and sexual stimulation
  • Eradicate extra body fat and cover it with pure lean muscle mass
  • Treat erectile dysfunction in men very efficiently
  • Keeps you mentally focused and alert
  • Delivery to the system is very fast
  • Athletic performance is significantly enhanced
  • Sculpture your body in an ideal way
  • No side effects

How to Increase Testosterone – Final Summary

With a sufficient amount of Testosterone in your body, your quality of life will be highly improved.

Testogen resultsAs compared to when you experience its low level, everything gets dim and unattractive to you that you found no joy in your life.

Men who faced this horrendous conditions now thanking Testogen to bring back the real joy in their lives.

Within some weeks Testogen will equip your body with the essential ingredients and keeps you alive both physically and mentally.

Testogen is indeed far way better choice than the Testosterone replacement therapy, which is an expensive procedure and nowadays not allowed in many regions of the world because of its negative effects.

Testogen is not available in any place other than their official website. If you are concerned about your health and masculinity, you might want to give Testogen a try.

Signs of low Testosterone

There is something about getting old, your testosterone levels wouldn’t be the same. It is a vital hormone which is responsible for almost all the traits in men, you are getting facial hair that’s because of Testosterone.

sign of low testosterone in men

Your body is different than women as in shape and size, well you can thank Testosterone for that too.

Not only has this but your sexuality solely depended on the secretion of this particular hormone.

When the production of Testosterone slightly decreases in your body, it brings a lot of difficulties in men’s life which we are about to discuss.

Scientifically conceived, men during early adulthood contains the maximum number of Testosterone which declines by about 1% every year.

Low level of testosterone means your body isn’t generating sufficient amount of Testosterone which can cause a variety of symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, muscle fatigues, loss of muscle mass, hair loss and infertility.

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10 Sign of Low Testosterone in Men

In a research conducted by Urology Care Foundation, about 4 out of 10 men over age 45 have a low level of Testosterone.

sign of low testosterone

Not everyone knows about it already which is why doctors have elucidated 10 warning signs which can help in diagnosing the low level of Testosterone.

1. Erectile dysfunction

The sexual life of men solely depends on the strong erection, adequate blood flow, high-grade sensation and functioning reproductive valves. Low level of testosterone affects all these things, thus leaving you no potency in having sex.

2. Low Libido

It is natural to have low libido level when you are getting old, libido as in your sexual desire. When a low level of Testosterone kicks in a normal person, his sexual drive or libido dramatically decreases to the extent where he gets totally off.

3. Weight Gain

You begin to gain extra muscle mass since the body’s tendency to convert fat cells into energy is being compromised.

4. Sleep Impairment

Low level of testosterone induces marked disturbances in sleep patterns, causing to experience insomnia in some men. The condition if left untreated, can lead to high blood pressure and other heart-related problems which sometimes also messed with your mood and memory.

5. Fatigue

If you experience very little zeal while you are on the job or anywhere or you cannot concentrate on anything for long. Low testosterone level can be a cause, physically you will get tired too soon and end up on the couch.

6. Depression

Depression is the major sign which has been observed nearly 80% of cases with low testosterone level. About 56% American men who are suffering from low testosterone level are already taking anti-depressant medication.

It was confirmed after seeing an improvement in their depression when those men received testosterone replacement therapy.

7. Lack of Concentration

Testosterone is also responsible for focus and alertness in men. Without a proper amount of Testosterone in your blood, you will begin to face trouble concentrating and even you can experience memory related problems.

8. Growth of Breasts

The balance between testosterone and estrogen are well maintained because of which we are in a manly shape.

When the level of Testosterone gets disturbed it also causes the ratio of estrogen and testosterone in the body to become unbalanced, leading to the growth of extra breast tissues also known as Gynecomastia.

9. Bone-related problems

Men with low testosterone level often face bones and joints related problem. Men who have low testosterone level often get their bone density decreased, which is why they suffer from Osteoporosis, a disorder which apparently happens to affect women only.

When this condition occurs to you, make sure you get an appointment with your physician so he can recommend you the testosterone replacement therapy suits your needs.

10. Extra pain and aches

Men who have low testosterone level are more prone to injury since their muscle mass decreases substantially. Along with muscle mass, the energy in each cell also gets affected which can cause joint and bone pain.

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How to Deal with Low Testosterone

As you can see, having a low level of Testosterone cannot only affect your body, but it also affects many aspects of your life.

how to deal low testosterone

You will not be able to satisfy your parent, work will be boring you with everything else. But there is a good new though!

That you can elevate the level of Testosterone by starting regular exercise and take some natural supplementation.

In terms of diet, certain types of nuts and beans are known to elevate the level of hormones. Also a proper dose of Zinc, Vitamin D and garlic is essential.

Now, if you are looking for a Testosterone boosting supplement let us tell you there are so many products available in this regard.

You only need a right supplement which doesn’t have any type of artificial hormone boosting ingredient because that can affect you in a negative way.

All you need is a perfect blend of ingredients extracted from the natural source.

TestoGen is the latest testosterone boosting supplement which has been recommended by many physicians to their patient in order to save their lives from jeopardy. Let’s take a brief look on it.

Why TestoGen?

While the health market is too busy to fool people who want to gain their manhood, there are some corners which are offering the right cure for this condition.

Testogen ReviewsDozens of testosterone boosting supplements is available but what makes TestoGen superior to all is the right amount of ingredient which perfectly matches with your body physiology.

TestoGen remarkably increases the level of Testosterone in your body and gives your body an instant boost of energy along with other benefits.

With the help of this powerful natural supplement, you will be able to get following benefits

  • Your sexual desire will be normalized once again
  • It will enhance your overall strength and stamina
  • Improves your focus and concentration level
  • Gives you healthy sperms count and avoid infertility
  • Enhance libido and erection quality

Final Verdict

Low level of Testosterone can be an alarming sign which can destroy many aspects of your life.

No man would ever want his partner to leave him for not being sexually active or emotionally available, sadly you cannot help it when the level of Testosterone goes to the decline phase.

A man will never be the same with these agonizing signs. Thankfully there are cures and treatments available which can help you claim your masculinity once again.

Amongst many Testosterone boosting supplement, TestoGen ranked the top on the list because of its natural ingredients with no side effects ever reported.

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There’s a 90% chance you can bring back the level of Testosterone to normal range and enjoy the perks of life once again!